Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

Moringa tree native to parts of Africa and Asia is also known as Horseradish tree, Ben oil tree or Benzoil tree. Moringa oil is among the most desired oils in the formulation of skin care products and cosmetics, chosen for its many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties.

These antioxidants do wonders for aging and nutrient-depleted skin. Much of the plant is edible by humans or by farm animals. The leaves are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.With an impressive oleic acid content of 72%, Moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and also helping the skin and hair retain moisture.

Moringa oil’s benefits include skin care and rejuvenation, stronger and healthier hair, wrinkle reduction and skin blemish removal. Moringa oil suppliers often have a tough time keeping up with the demand for this rare and luxurious oil.

Moringa’s value has long since been known to the ancients. The healing properties have been documented for centuries, dating back to ancient cultures. It has been used in skin preparations and ointments since Egyptian times.

This may explain why the Egyptians placed vases of Moringa oil in their tombs, for use in the afterlife. It’s potent antioxidant profile, which gives the oil its remarkable stability, is also the reasonmoringa plant it’s included in some of the best skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and other skin health products around the world.

Moringa oil is one of the most nutrient dense oils in the world. It’s a popular choice for many anti-aging and wrinkle reduction products. Much of the best secret to youthful skin lies in maintaining a healthy living environment for skin cells to live and Moringa oil achieves this goal perfectly. Much like wrinkles, acne is another skin condition that is well treated with a healthy environment for skin tissue.

Indians have long since used Moringa oil as a means to treat acne, and now the West is discovering its uses as a natural combatant against face blemishes and skin problems. Being loaded with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B, C, D, E; minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and manganese, Moringa offers a host of benefits for the skin. Moringa has moisturizing and nourishing properties and an excellent cleansing ability which makes it an active ingredient in skin care products.

Benefits of Moringa Oil on Skin

Moringa is found to possess anti-ageing properties. The effect of free radicals on human skin causes the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin worn down and less resistant to lines. Moringa has excellent cleansing ability which aids in cleaning the skin cells of free radicals and restore the vitality and youthful complexion of the skin. The antioxidants revitalize the skin cells by removing the free radicals that cause ageing.

Moringa leaves contain about 30 antioxidants that contribute greatly towards healthy skin. Moringa oil is highly absorbable and hence helps in delivering these powerful antioxidants to the skin cells.

Moringa leaves also contain sulphur. This mineral is present in every single cell of the body and is the key ingredient containing two substances which make up human skin. Collagen and keratin are those two substances. Collagen is an elastic substance that gives flexibility and softness to the skin and keratin is a rigid substance which gives the skin rigidity and strength. These two substances form the majority of skin tissue and are made up of proteins constructed from sulphur.

The seed extract of Moringa herb is popular in the cosmetic industry due to its therapeutic skincare benefits and skin purifying properties. It possesses the ability to filter out impurities that are deeply rooted within the skin and has an amazing detoxifying and rejuvenating action. It enhances the fairness of skin by balancing the natural skin color and tone. A paste made from Moringa leaves beautifies the skin and can be used as a face mask.

The Ben oil which is extracted from moringa seeds is used to soften and soothe babies’ skin.

Moringa seed extract is used in protective creams and has the ability to provide protection against cigarette smoke and heavy metal pollution.

Being a powerful cleaning agent, Moringa seed powder is used as an active ingredient in deep cleansing creams and lotions. It protects the skin from adhering pollution and smog.

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  • Cathy McFarlane

    Cathy McFarlane

    • 19 March 2010 at 14:39
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    I am 55 years old and have used many different skin care products on my face for over 10 years now. I must confess that Evive Skin Healing Oil is a life saver. It has helped even out all the redness and those ugly brown spots on my face. I originally started using this on a scar on my neck 4 months ago. It makes your skin so soft. I now use it on my face and neck and all around my eyes.


  • Taina Throneberry

    Taina Throneberry

    • 08 April 2010 at 16:42
    • #

    A friend with great skin told me about this product. I use it on my face every night (very dry skin) and I add it to the body lotions that I use after showering daily. This product has really saved my skin, as I now consider it better than all the expensive department store skin care products and other specialty brands I have been using all along. My skin is now glowing and feel smooth and silky. I will never waste my money buying those expensive no-good skin care products again.


    • Wendie Parrish

      Wendie Parrish

      • 08 April 2010 at 16:48
      • #

      I bought Evive Skin Correction Body Cream and used up one bottle (lasted about 2 months). At first I used it on my face for hyper-pigmentation and scaring left over from acne and on parts of my body for stretch marks. It has made a huge difference on my skin and I love it. I also love the smell and the smooth feel it leaves on my skin. I will continue to use it as I have seen huge signs that it really works.


    • Grace Davidson

      Grace Davidson

      • 08 April 2010 at 16:49
      • #

      My skin feels invigorated, nice and smooth after using Evive papaya Soap. I find it better than all the other expensive soaps at most high end stores


    • Lynda Wamba

      Lynda Wamba

      • 01 May 2010 at 13:06
      • #

      Evive Exfoliator is unbelievably AMAZING. I have never seen a product that works so fast and produce a result within 24 hours.


  • Mabel Hardcastle

    Mabel Hardcastle

    • 08 April 2010 at 16:46
    • #

    I bought evive healing oil because of all the hype about it. I’ve had stretch marks and uneven skin tone for many years and nothing else worked in clearing them up, figured I would give it a try. I used this for a month and my skin tone problem was gone and I definitely noticed a big difference on my stretch marks. It really works very well for that. A+. I will continue to use it and see if all my stretch marks can be gone.


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