Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Almond trees are native to Middle East and South Asia. The sweet oil from Almond tree is acquired from dried Almonds through a process called cold pressing. Almond oil has been the best kept secret to sooth dry skin, get rid of the dark circles around the eyes and even prevent stretch marks! 100% pure sweet Almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins for beauty, 00such as A, D and E.

Making it ideal not only as a hair and skin care product but also to treat skin disorders. Almond oil does not have a greasy effect and it is not pore clogging, absorbing quickly into your skin. It is also rich in oleic and linoleic acids. It is mostly used as a skin care product as well as a medicinal oil for some skin disorders.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin care

Moisturizing: Almonds oil have a way of trapping moisture in the skin keeping it moisturized at all times.

Anti-inflammation: This oil has also been proven to have a calming effect on people with skin allergies and inflammation. It has both the ability to soothe as well as treat skin allergies. Minor wounds, chapped skin, and other skin infections can also be treated using Almond oil.

Emollient Properties: Emollient properties refer to the ability of Almond oil to get absorbed into your skin. It is also used in many spas for its less fragrant and less greasy qualities. It is also useful in massages as it restores the normal PH of the skin and allows the skin to glow thus preserving moisture.

Removing Dark Circles: Its lightening ability is another reason that has made this oil popular among many people with dark marks on their skin.

Reducing Wrinkles: Almond oil contains vitamins that help it delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Sun Protection: Harmful ultraviolet rays cause wrinkling, sunburns, aging, and skin cancer. Almond oil can help reverse the damages brought about by sun exposure.

For Acne: Almond has fatty acids that dissolve the sebum that causes acne. Better still, it has been proven to treat various skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

As a Facial Moisturizer: Almond can be used as a moisturizer for the rough, dry and flaky skin and gives you smoother and softer skin.

For Stretch Marks: This is as a result of its emollient quality that tightens the skin and promotes better blood circulation thus reduces stretch marks.

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